Module - Offer System - Offer Approval System For Publishers

Without this module all offer you add will be publicly available to all publishers to send traffic , and will be visible in the Offer listing page of Publisher Panel

if you want publishers to apply for the offers and you manually review their application and then approve/reject the request. it then you can activate this module.

When this feature is activated. you will see a new option in in the 'Offer Add/Edit' Interface called 'Offer Availability'

Offer Detail Interface

Navigation Menu -> Offers-> Open Any Offer Add/Edit Interface (Basic settings Tab)

URL link:

Screenshot of New Option:


Available Options:



If you select the moderated option then publisher will have to apply for that offer . which will create a ticket .you can approve or deny the application through the ticket itself.

You can check all the Offer Approval Request in the 'Affiliate Tickets' page:

Navigation Menu -> Affiliate Tickets

URL link:

Screenshot of Tickets Page:


Also , a new page 'Offer Approvals' will be added where you can check all offer Approval request. and you may added new rules in this page:

Navigation Menu -> Offers -> Offer Approvals

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Screenshot of Offer Approvals Page:


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