Module - Offer System - Targeting Offer Internet Connection Type

This Module adds a new option in Offer interface i.e. 'Targeting Offer Internet Connection Type' (WIFI , Cellular) 

When you activate this module. A new option will appear at Offer Detail on the 'Landing Page Details' Interface and 'Payin/Payout' Interface

Navigation Menu -> Offers-> Open Any Offer Add/Edit Interface 

URL link:

Click the 'Add New Payin / Payout' to open the Payment details interface



Also '
Internet Connection Type Targeting' option will be added to 'Landing Pages Details' Interface. For that , Click the 'Add New Landing page link' :



In both the above interfaces you can now add Internet Connection Type Targeting.

Please note this Internet Connection Type Targeting is only for display purpose in the offer Listing page. This wont actually restrict the traffic that do not match the targeted Internet Connection Type.  It is not possible to accurately figure out traffic's connection type using Web technologies. we tried using third party Database to achieve this but at most we got only 70% accuracy which created a lot of complaints so we decided to remove it

'Internet Connection Type Targeting' will also be enabled in 'Advertiser API Sync' Interface , 'Smartlink' Interface and 'Traffic Controller' Interface if those modules are active.

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