Module - Offer System - Product Value

This Module adds a new option in Offer interface i.e. Product Value

This is usually useful in Ecommerce CPS CPO related offers where the network want to display the product purchase value along with the offer in the publisher Panel.

This is purely Optional, Purchase Value for the Visitor (Buyer), Only for Display Purpose on Offer Listing Page

When you activate this module. A new option will appear at Offer Detail Interface

Navigation Menu -> Offers-> Open Any Offer Add/Edit Interface -> Payin/Payout Interface

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On the offer Interface when you open the interface to Add/Edit Offer's Payin/Payout you will also notice a new option of 'Product Value'



Please note that the product value is purely for display purpose . it wont actually be processed in way upon conversion.

Dated : 2021-06-20 15:40:11

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