Module - Offer System - Image CDN

If this module is activated then all offer images that are pulled using Advertiser's API will get converted into GreenBookLabs CDN image.

In other words. we will host all the offer images.

This module is useful for many networks when they dont want to let the publishers know that offer belongs to which advertiser.

When you activate this module. A new option will appear at Advertiser Details Interface :

Navigation Menu -> Users-> Advertiser-> Open any Advertiser Details Interface

URL link:

Screenshot of New Option: 


This Option will Convert all offer images to GreenBookLabs cdn Image link. Example all will get converted to

Please note that, Some Advertiser's server Block this. make sure you check if the cdn images are working or not for each advertiser you activate this option.

You may also use use your own domain for serving images. please contact support for this

Dated : 2021-06-20 15:55:51

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