Module - Ad System - Filtering offers from publishers

 Filtering offers from publishersThis module is useful when you want  to show only specific offers to certain publishers.Example: lets you have 100s... Read More

Module- Ad System - DashBoard Widgets

Module- Ad System - DashBoard WidgetsActivate this module if you wish to customize network panel Dashboard and Publisher Panel dashboard.Upon Activati... Read More

Ad System - Module - Global Fallback Affiliate

This module Activate Global Fallback Affiliate option in the 'Ad System Settings' page. This module is useful to save traffic. for any traffic that be... Read More

Module- Ad System - Custom Payouts for Publishers

Activate this module, If you want to have custom payout for some of you publishers. When you activate this module . then a new page will appear in the... Read More

Module - Ad System - Change Default Conversion Status

By default, whenever a new conversion occurs, its status will be set to ‘approved' automatically. if you want to change this default behavior and ma... Read More

How to Add Custom Domains to your Ad Network

When we create your GreenBookLabs CPA Ad Platform Account . By default we will setup your account on some Temporary Domains like : Network Panel Domai... Read More