Module - Offer System - Extended Settings

When you activate this module. several new options will appear at Offer Detail Interface regarding offer details :Navigation Menu -> Offers->... Read More

Module - Offer System - Allowed And Restricted Traffic Source

This Module adds a Two new option in Offer interface i.e. 'Allowed Traffic Source' and 'Restricted Traffic Source'When you activate this module. A ne... Read More

Module - Offer System - Stream Type

This Module adds a new option in Offer interface i.e. StreamTypeWhen you activate this module. A new option will appear at Offer Detail InterfaceNavi... Read More

The First Step - Understanding the Basics

Welcome to GreenBookLabs SaaS Marketing Platform.Considering that you have already received your network account panel URL and Login details . (If not... Read More

How to get HTTPS SSL Certificates for your domains

We recommend you to Route your Domains through Account which is free and will handle your SSL certificates for free.Step 1) Create a fr... Read More

How to create GreenBookLabs Support Ticket

How to create GreenBookLabs Platform Support Tickets To create a support ticket for GreenBookLabs platform, visit the Support Ticket Page ( Naviga... Read More

How to Delete System Cache

Activating/Deactivating modules and also Adding/Editing Important Information can take up to 5-10 minutes to take Effect. This is because our Platform... Read More

How to use Third Party Email Service

This Module will you add your own Third Party Emailing Api/SMTP details in the panel to send your Emails .After you Activate this Module you should se... Read More

How to Check Api Logs

All Request in our platform happens through an api, even when you visit any page in your browser it makes an api call at backend.In the API Logs page ... Read More

How to Check : Activity Logs

All Activites done by everyone including admin, staff , Publishers, advertisers etc are logged in the systemYou can check this log by visiting the 'Ac... Read More

How to check: Incoming PostBack Logs

You can check all the postbacks that your advertiser is sending to you on this page.Access this Page at Navigation Menu -> Logs -> Incoming Post... Read More

How to check : OutGoing Postback Logs

In this page you can check all the postbacks you are sending to your Publishers/Affiliates.Access this page through Navigation Menu->Logs->Outgo... Read More