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Lowest Price

No, Really! This is not a lie. whatever amount you are paying to our competitors we can reduce it by 30-50% Guaranteed. You can Quote us on this.
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Rich Features

Low price does not mean it's low quality. You will find everything that will ever need to run and managers your advertiser, publishers and Campaigns.
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Best Support

This is not a Joke. We do take pride on our Awesome Customer Support. We will solve all your queries as fast as possible. You wont be dissappointed. Give us a try... Contact us Here


Need a new feature? No Problem, We Create new modules very frequently depending on Client rquests. Just raise a ticket and it will be Done. Check our existing Module List Here

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  • Conversions
  • Clicks
  • Users and Offers
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Media Usage
  • Event Tracking
  • Support
  • Custom Domain With SSL Certificate
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$10 per month
  • 100
    $0.2 Per Extra Conversion
  • 100,000
    $0.1 Every Extra 1000 Clicks
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
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$100 per month
  • 7,000
    $0.02 Per Extra Conversion
  • 1,000,000
    $0.03 Every Extra 1000 Clicks
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Email Chat Phone
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$300 per month
  • 25,000
    $0.015 Per Extra Conversion
  • 50,000,000
    $0.03 Every Extra 1000 Clicks
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Email Chat Phone
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$500 per month
  • 60,000
    $0.01 Per Extra Conversion
  • 150,000,000
    $0.03 Every Extra 1000 Clicks
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
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  • Contact Us
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Smooth Migration

With our smooth onboarding process and automated syning of Offer from any other Network API, your migration process to our performance marketing software will be super fast and easy

24/7 Support

A devoted team of a Account managers and a Technical Support team will always be there for you

Rich API

Each and every function on our platfrom is API based. which can be consumed by your Existing/Custom CRM Software

Modular Structure

Our Infrastructure is built the Modular way . which means you have freedom to choose what features you want which you dont.


One Platfrom to Serve All

Ad Networks
Affiliate Networks &
Performance Agencies
Ecommerce Brands &
Product Owners
Affiliates &
Digital Marketers
Performance Marketing Platform Features

Performance Marketing Platform

  • Manage, Track, Analyse and Optimise Ad campaigns in real-time
  • Configurable dashboards, Traffic targeting & cap system
  • Create Smartlinks by Grouping Offers
  • Anti-Fraud Detection
  • Custom Tailed UI Design
  • 3rd Party API Integrations
Performance Marketing Platform Features

Modular System

Customize your Account Panel as you wish. Whether you want a simple system with minimalistic Features or a very advanced system ,our platform can satisfy all your Business Requirements. If you need any new feature dont hesitate to raise a support Ticket.

Ad System Modules

  • Auto Sync Offers with Advertiser API
  • Change Default Conversion Status
  • Custom Payouts for Publishers
  • Filtering offers from publishers
  • Global Fallback Affiliate
  • Global Fallback Offer
  • And a lot more...
Advertiser Api Templates
Activate Api Sync

Offer System Modules

  • Offer Recommendation to Publishers
  • Conversion Cap System Automatic Processing
  • CPI/CPS Offers Extended Settings
  • Offer Moderation System
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Multi Events Postbacks
  • And a lot more...

Even More Modules...

  • API Tokens
  • Logs System
  • Panel Customization, Custom Css
  • Affiliate Extended Profile (KYC System)
  • Customize Affiliate Registration Questions
  • Chat Widgets, Captha Protection
  • Affiliate Referral System
  • And a lot more...
Api Offer filtering

Advertiser API Sync

Need to pull/fetch all offers from your Advertiser's api automatically and keep them synced then we can make your life a lot easier. If you need any new API Integration then dont hesitate to raise a support Ticket.

Api Templates

Select The Api Template from the List. If the Advertiser Api your are looking for is not present then please raise a support ticket or contact Skype Support. We integrate New advertiser api integration almost everyweek.
Advertiser Api Templates
Activate Api Sync

Activate Api Sync

Upon Selection all the Tracking Parameters will get filled automatically. Input your API Credentials

Api Offer filtering

Choose among the prvided filters to avoid pulling the offer you dont want. And the default behavious of the every new offer pulled.
Api Offer filtering

Our Clients

We’ve been working with GreenBook Media for more than two year. We are extremely happy with their product, GreenBook Team is constantly developing new features that help our business to optimize and scale.
It was highly important for us to have transparent statistics and have all technical processes working smoothly and accuratly. Green Book Platfrom helped us to reach that goal by providing a stable and efficient Platform
Very Happy with the team of GreenBookLabs. Great customer service

Frequently asked questions

Very easy! we can easily import all your Offer details from another platform using their API. Even if API is not present our Tech team can qrite some quick codes to imporat all your advertiser, Publishers and offers from any other system ot our system. Contact us to discuss the details.

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